Friday, April 27, 2012

Collaborative Project Management Online

Collaborative project has been dramatically developing in online world which helps people reach to the information anywhere easily. Most collaborative online tools are a part of project management online; yet not all collaborative online tools consists of project management function.

  • Benefits of Collaborative Online
Regardless of places and time zones, collaborative online allow people from anywhere in the world work together unconditionally. Whether you work at home, at the coffee shop, on computer or on mobile, this incredible tool allows you to join the collaborative project. Furthermore, it is ultimately safe. Since the systems are online, the flood, the quake, and many other disasters do not even matter.
  • The Considerations of Collaborative Online
When selecting online collaboration tools, choose the one that can be used in variety of operating system, reduce the possibility of installing the software and setting any changes for the tool, and avoid software or website which are proprietary, requiring signing up account before using.
  • Collaborative Online Configuration Maintenance
First of all, when working on a file, the users should make sure that they will not work on it in the meantime. Secondly, users should not edit their works while the systems are offline then upload later. This would overwrite others’ work having done at the same time. In the third place, check over your works after you have finished editing. This reassures that your work will not disappear and allows other co-workers to see the changes. Furthermore, iteration tracking setup is totally beneficial for collaborative online project. If your works were lost while editing, this setup would allow you to access to the previous versions and also helps restore the data that might fail in the latest version. Finally, having pre-approved document prototypes or precise directions can help your team avoid editing the project repeatedly.
  • Collaborative Online and Access Control
Users should set up the system to allow those who are in charge of editing to access the system immediately and there should be only one person who can edit files at a time. However, the permission of editing should be set widely so that anyone who needs to adjust anything can do so. When working in collaborative project management online, users are better use safe websites or servers to prevent the risk of infected software. Moreover, all the team members should set an agreement on the security standard and conditions about sharing information online before working in collaborative online tools in order to avoid information leakage.