Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Finding the Right Messaging Collaboration Tools for Your Organization

Have you ever wonder how to increase privacy for communication within your company? Another effective way to do this is to adopt messaging collaboration tools which you can easily create a private intranet for your organization.

Messaging Collaboration Tools for Your Organization

Messaging collaboration suites may consist features of file sharing, instant messaging, project page, commenting, and micro-blogging. If you prefer working on single tools to the suites, they are also available to meet your requirements. Check below to find messaging collaboration tools that are suitable for you.

For large organization, it is important to get enterprise messaging collaboration tools that have significantly featured set and high security for enterprise-level. Oracle and Microsoft are two of big software manufactures that have invented tools specifically for large company. While Oracle Beehive mainly focuses on providing team workspaces, wiki content, instant messaging, document sharing, calendar, and group chat, Microsoft Sharepoint includes features of intranet portal, status update feature, note board, and rating feature.

If you are small and mid-sized organizations, you might find it more comfortable to adopt tools that are less complicated. Web-based messaging collaboration tools feature a secured and full-suite intranet needing no installation and requiring only small investment. Some of leading web-based messaging collaboration tool providers are BaseCamp, Yammer, OneHub, Central Desktop, WizeHive, CubeTree, PBworks, Zoho Projects, and OfficeMedium. Functions and security features can be varied depending on the provider.

Those that are not interested in enterprise-level security or do not require any special project management tools might want to consider adopting stand-alone messaging collaboration tools for their organization. AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, and Skype are the prominent stand-alone messaging collaboration tool providers at the present. Instant messaging and voice or video chat are features that commonly found in these provider.

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